Felicia is the the best! Felicia went above and beyond at every step of the process. Buying a house is overwhelming and stressful, but we had so much peace of mind knowing that Felicia was fiercely advocating for us with the mortgage company, the lender, the selling agent, and the title company. She always responded to questions immediately and gave straightforward answers, which was so appreciated when everyone else was running us in circles. She felt the same urgency we did. She saved us a lot of money, both in crafting the offer and in advocating for us during escrow. Felicia is honest, patient, sincere, determined, and so nice! She is more than a real estate agent - she is an expert in your corner. I don’t know what we would have done without her. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Todd Rowe, Client
Felicia was everything that my significant-other and I had hoped for, while also substantially exceeding our expectations. There is something about her presence, professionalism, and punctuality that assures you she isn't out to simply swindle you of your money. Instead, it's as though she is genuinely looking out for your best interests. We are first-time home buyers, and were initially very uncomfortable about the prospect of purchasing a home (we heard horror stories and had our fair share of awkward experiences with folks in the real estate industry). Nevertheless, Felicia was very forthright with us and was very accommodating throughout the entire process. She was quick to answer our questions (even some absurd ones at odd hours in the evening) and was expeditious in communicating with the sellers. To put things into perspective, we reached out to Felicia via text message (very unprofessional of us) on December 12, 2018 and in the blink of an eye we found a home that suits the needs of our growing family; by January 25, 2019 we had closed escrow and were given the keys to our new-to-us home. I must say that our experience with Felicia was a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that will resonate with our little family for years to come. Additionally, we will definitely be recommending her to our family members and colleagues. Thank you again for everything, Felicia!
— Lor Yang, Client
Felicia is the Best! Felicia helped me buy a wonderful old Victorian in Eureka in 2017. She listened well to my criteria and was patient with my process. Not only did she help me find the home of my dreams, but she made the process an easy and painless one. Felicia is fantastic. Look no further for your real estate agent, she's the best!! Verified by RateMyAgent
— Fiona Burgess, Client
The sale of our Robin Lane home Where do I begin.... Felicia and Mark were nothing short of incredible. They made the whole process easy!!! My wife and myself are self employed with 3 kids in the house; one who at the beginning of the sale was only 4 months old! They set up the whole process, and communicated to my wife and I the whole time about showings, inspections and offers, as they were happening. They never once made us feel in the dark about any aspect. The sale of the house was simple and amazingly easy! Thanks Felicia and Mark. I highly recommend them to everyone, especially to people that feel life everyday is hectic by itself, without trying to sell or buy a house. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Jake and Tawnya Morris, Client
Excellent agent and person! Felicia sold my father's house for more than the asking price in a matter of a few days. Of course there were things that needed to be done before selling the house, like a new roof and painting the trim, and Felicia was able to get contractors to do the work in a matter of days, which is miraculous, particularly since most roofing contractors required a six month wait or longer. Felicia was very helpful and professional and we highly recommend her to those looking to sell a house. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Michael and Annette Davis, Client
Wonderful! Felicia did a wonderful job selling our house. She is so kind, considerate, caring and had great knowledge in real estate. We couldn’t have had a better agent. Very patient and accommodating. Great communication. She was a pleasure to work with. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Ward and Donna Foley, Client
Fabulous Real Estate Agent! If you want to sell your home in the Eureka, Humboldt County, California, area, then you can not do better than Felicia Costa. She went beyond and exceeded any hopes we had for our real estate agent. When the first offer fell through, we were able to make our out of Humboldt County move anyway because Felicia took care of EVERYTHING to enable us to do so. She is friendly, thoroughly professional, and VERY knowledgeable about all the details that go into a happy move. We are very grateful for all she did in our behalf. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Charlie and Carolyn Biles, Client
Efficient, knowledgeable, patient Felicia was wonderful to work with. I was overwhelmed at the idea of getting my house on the market and Felicia broke it down for me, and took on many of the tasks. I felt great with the price she suggested and we sold for over asking price after only 5 days on the market. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Carlotta Haumeder, Client
Amazing Agent! This Agent is the real deal. Kept both sides of the transaction working towards a mutually beneficial result. Put together realistic timelines and followed through with responses to questions. Super Impressed. Verified by RateMyAgent
— John and Michele Heryford, Client
Felicia was very professional, reassuring, and confident through the whole process of selling my house. She walked me through every step and was excellent at staying in touch and marketing the property. I have already recommended her several times. It was such a relief to have her as an agent. Selling my home was one less thing I had to worry about during a transitional point in my life.
— Rebecca Gillespie