Felicia was outstanding in every aspect of the sale of my father's house. She was kind, understanding and very professional. We needed several things done to the house to prepare it for sale and she was able to facilitate many of the projects. We were getting wait times of 6 months for a new roof from roofers we called, Felicia was able to get a contractor to do the work within a month. She also advised us to do certain things like staging because she knew it would help to sell the house, and it did. The house was sold five days after it was listed. We can't say enough kind words about Felicia's work. She not only becomes your realtor, she becomes your friend and she works hard to make your dreams a reality. We highly recommend her to all those who are considering selling or buying a home.
— Michael and Annette Davis
Amazing Realtor! Felicia is an absolute amazing Realtor! I had an extremely hard house to sell and Felicia stuck with it always answered my questions always listened to my concerns and frustrations. Great Realtor that really listens to what you need. Gives suggestions on how to improve the house! Helps anyway possible. I would definitely recommend Felicia. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Katey Baker, Client
Felicia's Home Page starts with, "Exceeding your expectations is my main objective." She certainly did that for us. We recently sold our beloved home in Eureka and made the fortunate decision of choosing Felicia as our seller's agent. She was absolutely wonderful -- a thoroughly knowledgeable, competent and ethical professional who gave us the right advice at the right time in the right amount. In addition, she was cheerful and friendly throughout the entire process. Every time the road to the sale showed a pothole ahead, she was there immediately to fill it so the sale of house continued on a smooth course. We can't thank her enough. She was simply OUTSTANDING.
— Charles and Carolyn Biles
My husband and I would have never survived buying a house and relocating to Humboldt if it weren't for Felicia Costa. Felicia explained every step and expectation and made us confident in our decision making. After all was said & done, I truly believed Felicia had treated us "special", and after reading the other testimonials, we are in complete agreement - in addition to attention to detail, knowing what is needed, and when we needed it, before we even knew “it” existed. Need a contractor? Poof, here are some names and phone numbers, or I have someone who is great at this (and they've all been as great as Felicia said they would be. "SPECIAL" is just one of Felicia's gifts. Not only are we new homeowners in Eureka, we’ve made new friends because of Felicia’s meticulous attention to her clients. Felicia, Thank you!
— Michele & Robert Stiavetti
Fantastic Realtor!!! Felicia was always prompt and courteous. She’s very professional and incredibly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a property. Verified by RateMyAgent
— Nick & Kristy Bradshaw, Client
Among the best of agents! Felicia was everything that my significant-other and I had hoped for, while also substantially exceeding our expectations. There is something about her presence, professionalism, and punctuality that assures you she isn't out to simply swindle you of your money. Instead, it's as though she is genuinely looking out for your best interests. We are first-time home buyers, and were initially very uncomfortable about the prospect of purchasing a home (we heard horror stories and had our fair share of awkward experiences with folks in the real estate industry). Nevertheless, Felicia was very forthright with us and was very accommodating throughout the entire process. She was quick to answer our questions (even some absurd ones at odd hours in the evening) and was expeditious in communicating with the sellers. To put things into perspective, we reached out to Felicia via text message (very unprofessional of us) on December 12, 2018 and in the blink of an eye we found a home that suits the needs of our growing family; by January 25, 2019 we had closed escrow and were given the keys to our new-to-us home. I must say that our experience with Felicia was a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that will resonate with our little family for years to come. Additionally, we will definitely be recommending her to our family members and colleagues. Thank you again for everything, Felicia! Verified by RateMyAgent
— Lor and Sua, Client
Felicia is the Best! Felicia helped me buy a wonderful old Victorian in Eureka in 2017. She listened well to my criteria and was patient with my process. Not only did she help me find the home of my dreams, but she made the process an easy and painless one. Felicia is fantastic. Look no further for your real estate agent, she's the best!! Verified by RateMyAgent
— Fiona Burgess, Client
I found Felicia on Coldwell Banker's website. How lucky for me! As a first time home buyer, and from out of the area, Felicia showed me many homes. She also steered me away from some homes that she felt were not right for me. I really liked this because it assured me she was honestly working for my best interest. I trusted her. After meeting me at many, many houses (always on time) I was able to purchase a lovely new home. She guided me through every step of the way. Since I was not in the area after the contract was signed, she stayed in contact with me on a regular basis. She took all the worry out of the process for me. I would recommend Felicia Costa to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Eureka area - she is a real professional! If you choose Felicia you won't regret it, in fact you will be glad you did!
— Sue Lehman, Client
I used to work with, and indirectly for, Felicia, and could not help but notice how marvelously, and flawlessly, she worked. She amazed me. Felicia was fluid and graceful as a woman, and equally as elegant in her approach to her work. Incredibly diligent, she worked damned hard to make absolutely certain that every detail was addressed in a most professional way yet brought to it, her very real element of genuine warmth and concern for the individuals involved and for the impact each step of the transaction might have on all concerned. If something went sideways, Felicia found workable, solid solutions to any challenging situation and communicated every step of the way so all those involved were fully aware and completely understood what was going on. As far as I'm concerned, Felicia is what all real estate agents, and indeed all professionals, should strive to be. She is just phenomenal and is just a truly great person. There's no glad handing here. She's the real deal, loves what she does, and is excellent at it. She's direct and honest and just a lovely, lovely person!
— Cara Ventura Geiger
Excellent Agent, great communication, her ability to stage the house for showings was superb, and her general demeanor is fun and friendly, yet professional and concise at the same time. I'd highly recommend her to anyone selling or buying their home.
— Michael L'allier, Client